Enamel, lead paint, wood burning on panel, 4 x 6'


Shawn Gilheeney's work and life is based on the urban experience, creating paintings, silkscreens, and installations using the themes of nomadism, urban decay, and renewal.  His work explodes off his canvas in an abstract contemporary meltdown, behind the wheel, on fire and loaded.  His imagery utilizes the street level vernacular of the Northeast's architectural legacy and decay as his inspiration.  Highly expressive, his pieces engage the history, progress and decline of America's great industrial revolution.  Please email for more information.



The Expression of Abandon and Surrender (A Single Dog)

Acrylic on board, 32 x 76"


Amanda Sciullo is a painter based out of Boston, MA.  Her medium is acrylic paint on unprimed canvas and board, which she deftly uses to create wild and expressive paintings that have a chaotic yet subtly composed sensibility.  Each of her paintings have underlying structures and conceptual guidelines only known by Sciullo, opening the work up to wide interpretation and speculations, heightening their intrigue.  In The Expression of Abandon and Surrender, Sciullo uses man's best friend as her main motif in a variety of familiar, expressive and surreal poses.  Please email for more information.


Love Will Tear Us Apart

Porcelain, neon, cord, 16 x 14 x 8"


Chris Vicini is a sculptor based out of Gothenburg, Sweden.  His chosen medium is porcelain, with which he creates nearly impossible compositions, stretching the medium to it's limits.  Vicini's main source of imagery is the smaller flora and fauna that can be found in many wooded rural areas.  With Love With Tear Us Apart, he uses his traditional motifs combined with more figurative elements to create a stunning layering of detail and eroticism.  He has also employed neon to further enhance the concept and eloquence of the piece.  Vicini's work can be found in numerous private collections and museums throughout Europe and the United States.  Please email for more information.