The New York Nobody Knows / by John McGurk

Have you ever considered walking every street in Manhattan?  Sure, why not, couldn't take that long.  Ever considered walking all the streets in both Manhattan and Brooklyn?  Maybe, but I can't find the time.  What about walking every block in every NYC borough? Of course not, that is just crazy.. 

None of these considerations or hesitations seem to be on the minds of two hyper NYC walkers doing just that, walking each and every single block.

William Helmreich, author of The New York Nobody Knows, and Matt Green, a dedicated soul that methodically logs and plots his walking adventures at I'm Just Walkin are committed walkers, observers, and clearly very social animals.  Both men have dedicated themselves to walking every single block of each of the five boroughs of NYC.   It is hard to wrap one's head around the idea that each will have walked over 6,000 miles when they reach their goal.  12,000 miles between them!