Paradise Deferred / by John McGurk

New exhibition at the Mikhail Zakin Gallery featuring the work of Lisa Dahl, Mark Masyga, and Casey Ruble.  The show will be up until February 15th, with an artist's reception this Thursday the 24th from 6 - 8pm.

Installation shot of Paradise Deferred at the Mikhail Zakin Gallery.

From the press release:

The suburban experience is a 20th century phenomenon, with the origin of this type of planning and development being uniquely American, created on the edges of major cities after World War II.  One of its most lasting effects has been the creation and perpetuation of the idea of the American Dream, a concept of the good life, epitomized by the white picket fence and the front porch.

What used to be a more straightforward dream of many Americans has become much more complicated in recent years due to a struggling economy and shifting politics.  The exhibition Paradise Deferred will be exhibiting the work of Lisa Dahl, Mark Masyga, and Casey Ruble, three artists each grappling with some of these suburban and rural themes through the ideas and metaphors in their work.

Image with Mark Masyga's large sculpture in foreground.