/ by John McGurk

I recently curated a show at the Mikhail Zakin Gallery where I run the programming of the space. I decided to put together a drawing show. I have been seeing a lot of graphite and ink work around. Some really spectacular artwork. My impression is that a lot of the drawing I have been seing is highly detailed and refined, almost hyper-real. So after some research, I invited four artists to take part in an exhibition showcasing some of their latest drawings. There is a brief description below and a bunch of images of the work. Enjoy!

Picture This, Imagine That is an exhibition of four artists using drawing as their medium. Using graphite and/or pen, their work encompasses the large scale and the miniature, the realistic and the surrealistic, with each artist using the potential intimacy of the medium to create artwork that engages and stretches the imagination. Participating artists: Ken Madore, Patricia Mamatos, Sarah Petruziello and Peter Watts.

The show runs for the rest of the week. You can see all the works and with details on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/zakingallery

Directions to the gallery are here: http://www.tasoc.org/about/directions

Ken Madore

Patricia Mamatos

Sarah Petruziello

Peter Watts