/ by John McGurk

Cast, Tint, Shade, Glow

Palma, Blank, Susan Lisbin, Matt Mignanelli, Leigh Ruple, Susanna Starr

curated by John J. McGurk

Mikhail Zakin Gallery

Demarest, NJ

The Mikhail Zakin Gallery is excited to present Cast, Tint, Shade, Glow, an exhibition of five contemporary artists and their explorations of color.  The exhibit is on view from October 21 – November 19, 2011.  There is a public reception on Thursday, November 3, 2011, from 6 – 8 PM. 


There is much more to be done; in fact color is almost

 brand new in the world.” – Donald Judd, artist

It may be a provocation to use a quote from the minimalist Donald Judd to introduce an exhibition that is concerned with both the expressive and formal nature of color and its contemporary manifestations.  Ultimately, Judd’s statement has proven to be quite acute, albeit not in the way he probably imagined.  Today’s artist and their use of color is an important signpost for the continued power of art and its investigations into perception, both emotional and formal.  The artists in Cast, Tint, Shade, Glow represent a new and vibrant engagement with the formal history of color, while simultaneously charting new territory into a potentially more seductive place of contemplation and enjoyment.

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A couple images of work in the show:

Leigh Ruple

Matt Mignanelli

Susan Lisbin

Susanna Starr