/ by John McGurk

It is a permanent Halloween party in Matt Brinkman's head. The opening for his solo show at The Hole gallery was this past weekend and it did not dissapoint. I was lucky enough to be around Providence when the energy around the Fort Thunder scene was still strong and had the pleasure of seeing much of Matt's work in familar settings around town. I remember a lot of shows being very disorienting and bizarrely fascinating.

The show, entitled Phantasmatgoria is a dark and entertaining glipmse into a world populated by monsters, ghouls, goblins, and devils. A whole series of melting faces takes up the first room, with the whole gallery bathed in a low neon glow. It took a little while for my eyes to adjust, which definitely added to the overall effect.

I have not seen this large a series of work from Brinkman and it was a delight to have three rooms full of his drawings to digest. I took a couple shots, but if you are in Soho, make sure and check this show out.