/ by John McGurk

It feels like something is brewing in the air. Two spaces, two large group shows focusing their attention on collective and collaborative initiatives will be opening in the same week. The first, hosted by Participant Inc and organized by the folks at Silvershed is working with the most recent history of collaboration in NYC. The first incarnation of this idea happened last year at Silvershed and was a broad and messy survey of the contemporary art landscape. It was a great chance for a lot of different groups and ideas to come together. This years event will be another great opportunity to see the scope and breadth of what is going on today in NYC. The opening is this Sunday, the 19th from 7-9pm.

The second show, taking place at Exit Art is entitled Alternative Histories and is a history of alternative spaces and projects in NYC since 1960. The main focus of the show will be ephemera and documentation from past endeavors, it promises to be a maximalist show! There will also be a smaller section devoted to new initiaives. You may see some familar names in this part of the show! The opening is on Friday, the 24th from 7-9pm.

We will definitely be at both, see you there!