/ by John McGurk



We are not entirely sure what to make of the above video, but it definitely caught our attention. Intended to be the 201st submission for the Contemplating the Void exhibition held at the Guggenheim this past spring, it is too bad that this proposal did not come to the attention of the curators/judges. We only say this because it is a hell of a lot more fun and interesting than Cory Arcangel's boring proposal (which hurts me to write). Also, it would have been just sort-of-cool to see Allora and Calzadilla's proposal of a hundred ATMs lined up making a cacophony of noises as tourists withdraw money for books and postcards. But a hundred tourists lined up to get fucked by the torque of the earth, that sounds like a party!

There are still a couple of outstanding questions: Does the same person get fucked for the full 36 hours? Does the dildo getted changed out in between sessions? I imagine the artist could answer these questions, so drop him a line here: Daniel Stedman.