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Junta Discussion:

Deciphering Contemporary Art

This Friday, April 30th at 6p Elwa will be hosting the Junta discussion group at our temporary gallery. The topic of the night will be Deciphering Contemporary Art. There are not to many specifics, but we hope to be able to facilitate an interesting discussion on some major issues of contemporary art. We will start with a short inroduction of some major movements, key players, and ideas in the formation of our contemporary artistic landscape. We will engage with present issues of the growth of the general art sphere, its access points, and some its most visible supporters.

Although broad, we are excited to see where this conversation goes. You can get all the details here:


There will also be a salon and reception after the discussion. Come by after 8p for some art and drinks. We will be featuring the work of:

Andrew Graham

Linsey Wallace

Pete Watts

Shawn Gilheeney

Adrien Broom

Hope to see you here:

Gallery 3D

308 West 30th, 3D