/ by John McGurk

If you missed it, this past Wednesday the space called the X-Initiative had a final curtain call with a 24 hour art party. Artists were encouraged to bring artwork and have the run of the 3 floors. It was a fun event with a great energy and countless artists displaying their works.

Elwa was happy to participate and brought over a couple of prints from Shawn Gilheeney and Devin Powers. As we don't have a permanent space, we enjoy opportunities to participate in events like this to get our artists and editions out and about.

Check out some photos below:

Shawn Gilheeney and Devin Powers with a couple of Elwa releases.

Thought this was funny...

The X-Iniative was a great project and it will be missed. Over the year of existence they had some of the most engaging programming in the city.