/ by John McGurk

ELWA artist Shawn Gilheeney has a lot going on these days. The above print is his first silkscreen print published in a book. The book is called "Celebrate People's History: Poster Book of Resistance and Revolution", you can check it out here: http://www.feministpress.org/books/celebrate-peoples-history

He is presently in an exhibition at Stonehill College's Cushing Martin Gallery. The title of the show is Metalmorphosis and is about artists working with metal to create their artwork. You can check out more info about the show here: Stonehill.

In February he has a show at the Chazan Gallery in Providence, RI. A gallery that is known for supporting the work of local artists, this group show should be great and worth checking out. As the date nears, we will provide more info.

One more thing, below you can see his latest painting, check it out: