ABCyz Opening Pics and Comments / by John McGurk

We are happy to report that the ABCyz opening was a great success. A tremendous turnout, all kinds of art, a couple bands, a bunch of performances, and a boat of beer. There was a wide range of work displayed, making it a great survey of new endeavors taking place throughout NYC.

There were about 40 collectives/groups involved in the show so it is hard to give a quick rundown of all the undertakings, but some highlights include: a group piece from the Eyelevel BQE team, a "day in the life" large scale drawing from the said group, a fantastic miniature collage from Norte Maar, and of course our newest artist Carl Eckoff.

The show is open until Nov. 7th, and it is worth the trip. A genuine art space with great rooftop views right in the heart of Manhattan.
For more info check out the ABCyz site here: